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2014 Highlander Accessories


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Running Boards

Step up to easier access into the interior of your Highlander.1

  • The running boards feature a corrosion-resistant brushed stainless steel finish
  • Raised rubber pattern complements Highlander's styling
Paint Protection Plan

Like a clear suit of armor, Genuine Toyota paint protection film helps guard against road debris that can chip and scratch the finish. Manufactured from nearly invisible urethane, this durable film is designed for specific sections of the vehicle that have the highest potential for contact with stones and other debris.2

  • Urethane material helps provide protection and resists discoloration
  • Paint protection film is available for the hood/ fenders and front bumper (each sold separately)

Help protect your paint finish from road debris and the damage it causes.

  • Seamless integration with the Highlander’s exterior styling
Rear Bumper Protector

Help keep the top surface of your rear bumper free of scrapes and scratches while preserving the appearance of your Highlander.

  • Features a polished stainless steel raised ribbed design to match the sporty styling of your Highlander
Rear Bumper Appliqué

Helps protect the top surface of your rear bumper from unsightly scrapes and scratches.

  • Made of high-grade, nearly invisible urethane with UV protection
  • Designed for an exact fit and finished with a Toyota logo
Door Edge Guards

Help prevent door edge dings and chipped paint with this protective finishing touch.

  • Thermoplastic-coated stainless steel is painted to precisely match the exterior color
  • Compression-fitted to Highlander door edge contours
Body Side Moldings

Like a clear suit of armor.

Color-matched body side moldings help protect your Highlander from careless door swings, renegade shopping carts and other parking lot mishaps while adding an extra dash of style.

Roof Rack Cross Bars [XLE/Limited]

Add utility and versatility. Take along up to 150 lb. more cargo.

  • Includes mounting screws that easily attach to fittings located inside the roof
  • XLE or Limited models: Footings are contoured to fit to the roof rail moldings
  • Compatible with optional panoramic roof
  • Aerodynamic styling to help minimize wind noise
Roof Rack Cross Bars [LE]

Add utility and versatility. Take along up to 150 lb. more cargo.

  • Includes mounting screws that easily attach to fittings located inside the roof
  • LE models: Footings are contoured to fit to the roof channel recess areas
  • Aerodynamic styling to help minimize wind noise
Trailer Ball & Ball Mount

Designed and engineered to work together, the trailer ball and ball mount are built and tested to meet your Highlander’s exact towing capacity.3

  • Cold-forged steel construction helps provide superior strength
  • Available in standard trailer ball diameters
  • Optimized placement provides precise drop/ rise to maintain vehicle departure angle
Tow Hitch Receiver

Engineered to help accommodate your Highlander’s maximum tow rating.3

  • Frame-mounted tow hitch receiver is located at the highest position possible to achieve maximum ground clearance and departure angles and easy access to the spare tire
  • Includes rear bumper skirt to cover the hitch yet keeps the receiver and harness connector accessible
  • Includes a heavy-duty molded end cap with Toyota styling
  • Includes towing wire harness
Cargo Tote

The collapsible, soft-sided cargo tote holds a variety of items, helping ensure they don’t shift around or tip over in your cargo area.4

  • Removable divider panels help hold items upright
  • Two carrying handles for easy loading and unloading
  • Stores flat when not in use
Cargo Net - Envelope

The convenient cargo net is a flexible solution to securing small, lightweight items.4

  • Envelope-style netting accommodates various shapes and sizes
  • Quick, easy attachment and removal
  • Stores flat in the sub-floor area when not in use
Cargo Cover Tonneau Cover

The retractable cargo area tonneau cover conceals your cargo area from view for added peace of mind.

  • Available in black or almond to complement the interior color
  • UV-resistant material helps protect items from sun damage and fading
  • Removes easily to make room for larger items
  • tores conveniently in the subfloor compartment designed for the cargo cover
Carpet Cargo Mat

The carpet cargo mat helps keep the Highlander cargo area dressed up and looking like new.

  • Helps protect against premature wear and tear
  • Durable, fade-resistant carpet features a stylish Highlander logo
  • Skid-resistant backing helps hold the mat in place
  • Articulated folds move easily to accommodate third row seating
  • Available in black, gray and almond
Cargo Liner

Tough and flexible, the cargo liner enables you to carry all types of items while helping protect your cargo area carpeting

  • Made of tough, easy-to-clean material and features a Toyota logo
  • Skid-resistant surface helps keep items in place
  • Attaches to third row seatbacks allowing seats to be adjusted independently
  • Available in black, gray and almond
All-Weather Floor Mats

Count on these rugged all-weather floor mats to help protect your original carpet.5

  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Ribbed-channel design helps contain moisture, dirt and other debris
  • Quarter-turn fasteners (on the driver’s-side mat) and skid-resistant backing on all mats help keep them in place
  • Includes mats for all three rows
Carpet Floor Mats

Plush, long-wearing carpet floor mats help protect and enhance the interior of your Highlander.5

  • Durable, fade-resistant black carpet featuring a Highlander logo
  • Quarter-turn fasteners (on the driver’s-side mat) and skid-resistant backing on all mats help keep them in place
  • Includes mats for all three rows
First Aid Kit

Be prepared for life’s little emergencies.

  • Soft-sided kit includes insect-sting pads, bandages, scissors, two emergency blankets and more
  • VELCRO® brand mounting strips help the kit remain firmly in place
Emergency Assistance Kit

Don’t let small issues stop you in your tracks.

  • Kit includes booster cables, stainless steel multi-purpose tool, survival blanket, gloves, flashlight, tire gauge and bungee cord
  • Kit exterior features a reflective warning triangle and trim to alert other drivers to your vehicle
Glass Breakage Sensor (GBS)

If your Highlander already has a factory security system, enhance your coverage with GBS.6

  • Includes a highly sensitive microphone to detect the sound frequency of an object striking on glass or glass breakage
  • Warn-away alarm triggered if an object strikes a window
  • Alarm is activated if the glass is broken
Wireless Headphones

Additional wireless headphones let multiple passengers enjoy a personalized entertainment experience.7

  • Lightweight, cushioned and fully adjustable
  • Individual volume control and on/off switch with LED indicator
  • Battery-saving “auto-off” feature
Remote Engine Starter

Have your Highlander ready, waiting and comfortable no matter what the weather.8

  • Remote engine starter turns on and shuts off engine from your Smart Key fob
  • Activates preset air conditioner, heater, defogger, defroster and temperature settings when the engine is started
Alloy Wheel Locks

Precision-machined, weight-balanced alloy wheel locks offer added protection for your wheels and tires.

  • Weight-matched to the stock lug nut weight, making rebalancing unnecessary
  • Triple nickel chrome plating helps ensure superior corrosion protection and lasting shine
RS3200+ Vehicle Security System

When it comes to security, the RS3200+ vehicle security system is the ideal addition.9

  • Integrates with the keyless entry system— no need for an additional remote
  • Automatic rearming, door-ajar warning, interior light activation, panic alarm, rolling code technology and disabling of the starter
  • Includes glass breakage sensor (GBS) with a highly sensitive microphone that detects the sound frequency of an object striking on glass or glass breakage
  • Alarm is activated if someone tries to force open a door or if glass is broken
Always go with Genuine Toyota Accessories. When you're ready to make your Toyota your own, don't forget: only Genuine Toyota Accessories are designed, tested and approved specifically for your Toyota vehicle. When purchased at the same time as your new vehicle, Genuine Toyota Accessories are backed by Toyota's 3-year/36,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, valid at any Toyota dealership nationwide.
Front wheel drive (FWD) Highlander models require the purchase of Genuine Toyota Mudguards at an additional cost. 2. The Toyota Genuine Accessory Warranty will only apply when the installation is performed by a trained Toyota-approved installer. Please see dealer for details. 3. Before towing, confirm that your vehicle and trailer are compatible and properly hooked up and loaded, and that you have any necessary additional equipment. Do not exceed any Weight Rating and follow all instructions in your Owner’s Manual. The maximum you can tow depends on the total weight of your cargo, occupants and available equipment. 4. Cargo and load capacity are limited by weight and distribution. 5. To avoid potential interference with pedal operation, do not install a floor mat on top of an existing floor mat, and each mat must be secured with either quarter-turn fasteners or retention hooks (clips). This floor mat was designed specifically for use in this model and model year vehicle and SHOULD NOT be used in any other vehicle. 6. Available only for vehicles equipped with factory security and factory remote keyless entry system or Smart Key system. 7.Wireless headphones are for passenger use only. DO NOT use them while driving vehicle. 8. Use only if aware of circumstances surrounding the vehicle at time of start. Operate only when legal and safe to do so (e.g., car uncovered in open area with no people or pets inside or nearby). See usage precautions in Owner’s Manual. Available only for vehicles equipped with Smart Key system. 9. Factory remote keyless entry system required.

The Towing Wiring Harness is no longer sold seperately.
This brochure is based upon information available at time of posting, is subject to change without notice, is for mainland U.S.A. vehicles and may differ in the state of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and in other regions.
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