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NLM receives Toyota Assets from Shift Digital for dealers that participate in the TDDS program.  We have 3 standard marquee sizes available: 400x300, 728x135, & 950x297.  We have two options for these standard sizes:

1. Required Only Toyota Assets – we will only add Required assets to your marquee, and they will be removed on their end dates.
2. Required and Optional Assets – we will add all Required and Optional assets added to your website as we receive them, and they will be removed on their end dates.

Required and Optional assets can be national or region specific.  If you would like to have these added or changed at any time, please email our support team. 

If you use a custom Marquee, we will add Required assets to your website.  If you would like required and optional assets added to your custom marquee, please email our support team.

Email: Support@NakedLime.com

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